Snorkeling Tips For Beginners

A snorkel is an equipment used by divers to observe underwater life for an extended period with little and to breathe while face down at the surface. Snorkeling is recreational activity especially in tropical resorts whereby one swims through a body of water, fitted in a snorkel, to observe underwater life without training and complicated equipment. A snorkel is usually a tube of 30cm fitted with a mouthpiece at the lower end and is constructed of rubber or plastic. It draws air from above water surface when the swimmer's mouth and nose are facing down while submerged in water.

Snorkeling at provides a unique opportunity to access natures best and also is a wonderful way of exercising. To enjoy the best out of snorkeling, here are useful tips, especially for beginners.

Before you get to the business of snorkeling, it is always advisable to practice your breathing. Before you get submerged in water, put your mask on and breathe through in the tube. Make sure everything is working out well. Once you are sure it's working, practice the classic calm floating face down in water. It will help you to focus.

It is also important to wear your mask properly, and the must mask fit your face properly, especially if a full face mask. Choose a snorkel mask that fits at, one that stays in place without you holding it. First, try to hold the mask to your face and try to breathe in through your face. Keep all your hair out of it, because if there are chances that air will leak in, hence water. The strap should fit snugly at the widest area of your head toward the top back. In case water leaks in, check if the straps are in place.

It is also important to choose a pair of fins that fit in snugly. They shouldn't be too tight. Bigger fins are much better. The fins will help you swim comfortably. If the fins hurt or curl your toes, the chances are that you will have cramps, and you won't be the best of underwater discovery if it hurts. It is for this reason that its bigger fins are encouraged, rather than smaller ones. 

Another helpful tip is to learn how to defog. You will have the best experience when you see everything.  What beats the feeling of seeing a ninja shark? Some of the defogging materials are gels or even shampoo. The best snorkeling adventure is when you get to see how aquatic life looks like. If you want to learn more about snorkeling, visit

Perhaps it always best to know your limits. As a beginner don't be under any pressure to strain. You gain experience with time. Being relaxed here is a key element. Marine life presents no threat too if you act normal. Once you take these important tips into considerations, you will have the best experience.